Rambling around Ridgeline Trail in snow

Cold temperatures and winter weather set up a perfect rambling around Ridgeline Trail in snow for a Spencer Butte sunrise.

The route (recorded track)

Started around 6:30 at Ridgeline Tr Spring Blvd trailhead and then rambled up and down Spencer Butte while traversing Ridgeline Blanton to Spring.

There were 2 pairs of hikers close to Spring Blvd trailhead early and then I didn’t see another human until coming down from Spencer the first time. Birds and squirrels were busy but no larger animals were seen, though deer tracks were plentiful. For my ramble, a bit over 20 miles with 3x atop Spencer Butte, and many quiet miles in snow and solitude.

Snow and ice

Up Spencer the first time and on the ‘colder’ sides of the hill (those facing north), snow remained but not enough to make the hike harder or less safe. Cascade Raptor Center sign against the snow is a clear sign of the temperatures – around 25 at this time.

From the top

The cold frosty morning made the valley floor into a hazy patchwork of crystals …

Friends along the way

Along the way, the ferns growing out from fallen limbs and a couple of birds getting ready for spring … the goose looks like nest picking right there on island in middle of river.

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