Grist: Landfills’ methane and solar panels

Note: featured image ChatGPT generated by Bing Grist published two articles this week that caught my attention, and both are related to humans’ propensity to create tons and tons of waste without first comprehending the unintended consequences of that waste. … Read More

First snow in Oregon cascades

This week marks the first snow levels deep enough to show on NOAAs data in GaiaGPS. Hood, Jefferson and 3 Sisters all have snow. Yesterday’s data even had snow on Bachelor, and there were press reports that Bachelor may open … Read More

Birds, power lines and stupid humans

Note: photos from USGS For birds, and raptors especially, power lines crisscrossing rural and wilderness areas are both a tool and a danger. Poles and structures are usually one of tallest elements and often within or on the edge of … Read More

A new goat bell!

A very dear family friend gifted me a new goat bell! His kindness and compassion are second to none and this gift fits his character – perfectly. Our family is lucky to have such friends. Here is the story I … Read More

Another climate activists killed

I realize that if I document every climate activist murder, that would be the dominant post category (and I’d be even crankier) – but to ignore these murders or even consider them normal is just wrong. Simply wrong. Grist put … Read More

Patagonia’s novel view on consumption

Arrived in my inbox this morning, “How to buy less” … a pointer to a great site from Patagonia on quality, repair and reuse … tip the hat to them Check it out (more…)