Gear: Saucony Peregrine 13

For the last several years, I have worn Topo Athletic trail-runners, waterproof boots and urban hiking shoes (running shoes). Their design with wide toe-box, low/0 heel to toe drop, and cushioning kept me in their shoes – buying >10 pairs … Read More

Gear: Enlightened Equipment Jackets

Over the last year, I have bought 2 new Enlightened Equipment jackets: Torrid and Copperfield. The Torrid is part of ‘keep warm’ kit, and replaced my Patagonia Nano Puff, and Copperfield goes everywhere in pack belt pocket for wind. Enlightened … Read More

Update: Backpacking gear kit

Update June 2023: After enough miles so far this year (and more to go), a gear update is needed. I left last year-end summary with the changes below. Backpacking season 2022 finished with over 1000 miles hiked around OR and … Read More

Challenge submitting gear review

A challenge submitting a gear review to favorite retailer taught important lesson for future successful gear review submissions (based on a post here). Published review terms and conditions (T&C) diverge from how retailer moderates gear reviews. They rejected my post … Read More

Gear: Yar.Gear day pack

I recently purchased a new day pack for those fast and longer day hikes. Research was focused on the following features / requirements: The search took several weeks while reading reviews and exploring different options. I discovered the Yar Gear … Read More

Gear: Katadyn BeFree

After two hikes, this is my ‘go-to’ water purification system for ‘flowing water’ sources (contrasted to ‘still water’ sources, e.g., ponds and lakes). Katadyn BeFree (Rei page) This is so light and easy to make small, I carried it in … Read More

Gear: Topo Graveyard

For the last two years, Topo Athletic has been my go-to shoe for hiking and training. Nothing has changed; they are the best shoe so-far for my odd-ball feet. With this spring season closing and summer starting, different shoes take … Read More