UL Tent selection process

At the EOY gear review, I assumed that my UL backpacking tent from last year (REI Flash 1). After putting together a first pass at season hiking plans, and rethinking what it was like at Mt Jefferson end of September, … Read More

Shoes, socks, and gaiters oh my!

Most hikers of any seriousness will acknowledge the importance of happy feet. When one has problematic feet (me) with bunions, hammer toe, and overlapping toes, happy feet are more than important – essential. At the root, happy feet require shoes that fit … Read More

Gear: Saucony Peregrine 13

For the last several years, I have worn Topo Athletic trail-runners, waterproof boots and urban hiking shoes (running shoes). Their design with wide toe-box, low/0 heel to toe drop, and cushioning kept me in their shoes – buying >10 pairs … Read More

Gear: Enlightened Equipment Jackets

Over the last year, I have bought 2 new Enlightened Equipment jackets: Torrid and Copperfield. The Torrid is part of ‘keep warm’ kit, and replaced my Patagonia Nano Puff, and Copperfield goes everywhere in pack belt pocket for wind. Enlightened … Read More

Update: Backpacking gear kit

Update June 2023: After enough miles so far this year (and more to go), a gear update is needed. I left last year-end summary with the changes below. Backpacking season 2022 finished with over 1000 miles hiked around OR and … Read More

Challenge submitting gear review

A challenge submitting a gear review to favorite retailer taught important lesson for future successful gear review submissions (based on a post here). Published review terms and conditions (T&C) diverge from how retailer moderates gear reviews. They rejected my post … Read More