Flowers between the rains

Rambling around town this time of year will find two things almost daily – rain and flowers. Between yesterday’s rains, the Rhododendron were on full display with big, bold and some subtle blooms. Dogwood Tree blooms were sadly starting to … Read More

Favorite Stone Lake photos

From several weeks around Stone Lake, sunrises, trees, and animals took the best photos. From over 350 photos, here are the best set. Clicking on the photo will open up full resolution image. (more…)

Babies around the lake

Taking trips around the lake on foot and in a boat in the middle of April, one is bound to find babies. Babies of all sorts, sizes and quantities. Spring is surely in the air. Geese parents are forever diligent … Read More

Stone Lake early April

Sometimes I just gotta get away and chill. There’s hardly a better place than a no-wake lake in the midwest with water so clean it’s almost drinkable. Upon arrival, the weather was cold, windy, rainy … sound familiar? But that … Read More

Winter’s icy kiss on valley floor

UPDATE: On the second ‘warm up’ day, most of the ice was melted, so a walk around town. These were the fallen trees that caught my camera. Branches, debris and down electrical wires were plentiful. Original post There are times when the weather … Read More

Jamaica skies

Sometimes, one just needs to get away from the cold, wet Oregon winters. Even 1 week can make a huge difference for the colder, wetter January and February. We chose Jamaica. The weather was 78-85 the entire time; it rained almost every day … Read More