Six Moon blog post worth a read

Six Moon Designs posted a great blog article on faster, longer hiking. I found it worth the read. I am, depending on the hike’s objective and my intent, seeking healthier ways to hike longer and faster when that’s the intent. … Read More

Six Moons Design on solo hiking

Those wonderful people at Six Moons Design (an Oregon company after all!) posted a brilliant piece on solo hiking. As an experienced solo hiker, with some miles solo over the last few years, the list of recommendations and practices was … Read More

Great article on stream crossings

Treeline Review, a great hiking resource, posted an updated article on stream crossings while hiking and backpacking, “How to Ford a River”. Below is the opening paragraph, and for those hikers who need to cross streams, especially glacial streams in … Read More

Fast-packing from Gossamer Gear

Gossamer Gear posted a good summary of “Fastpacking” which is about as close to what I practice as I’ve seen published. Here is their definition: Fastpacking is the love child of trail running and ultralight backpacking. Fastpackers cover long distances … Read More

Outdoor ethics: Gossamer Gear on LNT

Favored gear manufacturer Gossamer Gear (website) published a great post on Leave No Trace Behind. My backpack = Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L (review). For all hikers, the above post is worth the read, and further reading can be found below: … Read More