Snowy sunrise urban hike Alton Baker Park

Snowy sunrise urban hike Alton Baker Park from Gillespie Butte went from cloudy grey skies to snow and then sunshine. A 10+ mile urban hike with 0 automobile carbon karma. Urban hikes make for a great way to both stay in hiking condition and experience town differently – all without any transportation beyond legs and feet.

Urban Hike

Spending a few hours rambling around town as an urban hike is not for everybody, but I look for places to walk / hike in the seams between the city and natural areas and parks. The best part is I leave from my front door – no car!

Snow and cold

Morning temperatures were around 30 degrees and what water there was froze. Few cars traveled around and other walkers were null.

Gillespie Butte Sunrise

Once on the butte, light barely sufficed to take a photo

Alton Baker Park

Once to Alton Baker and the middle footbridge, sunrise struggled to break through over the Willamette River.

Around the bridge, a resident younger bald eagle bothered nesting geese.

Pre’s Trail

Few runners were out but those out were totally serious runners. A snow flurry drifted in as well leaving traces along the trail.

I took the trail to the old osprey nest (wishing hard they come back this year!), turned around and followed the Mill Race back.

A snowy sunrise urban hike from Gillespie Butte to Alton Baker Park went from headlamp dark to bright sunshine with clouds and snow in between – just another urban hike in the neighborhood.

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