3 years on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

Yep, I’ve been walking on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in Oregon for the last 3 years – both north and south bound. Some sections, especially Mt Hood, 3 Sisters and Mt Jefferson areas were walked all three years (some years more than 1x). This covers the ground from I-5 in the south (Ashland area) to I-84 in the north (Columbia Gorge). To see all the posts from PCT, this search will help.

If one would ask and I would answer, “what is your favorite part of PCT in OR?” … I have 2: a) 3 Sisters Wilderness – Mesa Creek to S. Mathieu Lake, b) Mt Jefferson Wilderness – Rockpile Lake to Park Ridge (above Jefferson Park).

Sadly, there are 5 small sections not walked, and 3 of the 5 will be ignored as they just do not offer anything new – those to ignore are: 1) between Olallie Lake and Warm Springs River, 2) between Marie Lake (Diamond Peak wilderness) and Mt Thielsen, and 3) a stretch north of Stormy Lake (Sisters wilderness) to Elk Lake. This past season was very light for both backpacking and PCT miles – the snowpack came big and lasted long, and a wonderful wedding kept me out of the woods in August.

The two blank sections that I still want to do: North of Hwy 140 (Sky Lakes wilderness) and the small section from Columbia Gorge to Lost Lake (Mt Hood wilderness) – will cover with WA PCT. Starting next year, only if somebody else goes with me and at their encouragement will I return on already covered OR PCT miles.

Next year’s tentative plan is the WA PCT north first from Timberline Lodge and then south from North Cascades until I run out of time / energy.

To read the map, Red = year 1, Blue = year 2 and Purple year 3.

If the embedded does not work for you … an old fashion way.  (or here)

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