3 years on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

Yep, I’ve been walking on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in Oregon for the last 3 years – both north and south bound. Some sections, especially Mt Hood, 3 Sisters and Mt Jefferson areas were walked all three years (some years more than 1x). This covers the ground from I-5 in the south (Ashland area) to I-84 in the north (Columbia Gorge). To see all the posts from PCT, this search will help.

If one would ask and I would answer, “what is your favorite part of PCT in OR?” … I have 2: a) 3 Sisters Wilderness – Mesa Creek to S. Mathieu Lake, b) Mt Jefferson Wilderness – Rockpile Lake to Park Ridge (above Jefferson Park).

Sadly, there are 5 small sections not walked, and 3 of the 5 will be ignored as they just do not offer anything new – those to ignore are: 1) between Olallie Lake and Warm Springs River, 2) between Marie Lake (Diamond Peak wilderness) and Mt Thielsen, and 3) a stretch north of Stormy Lake (Sisters wilderness) to Elk Lake. This past season was very light for both backpacking and PCT miles – the snowpack came big and lasted long, and a wonderful wedding kept me out of the woods in August.

The two blank sections that I still want to do: North of Hwy 140 (Sky Lakes wilderness) and the small section from Columbia Gorge to Lost Lake (Mt Hood wilderness) – will cover with WA PCT. Starting next year, only if somebody else goes with me and at their encouragement will I return on already covered OR PCT miles.

Next year’s tentative plan is the WA PCT north first from Timberline Lodge and then south from North Cascades until I run out of time / energy.

To read the map, Red = year 1, Blue = year 2 and Purple year 3.

If the embedded does not work for you … an old fashion way.  (or here)

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  • […] With the 2023 hikes, PCT coverage in OR is mostly completed. There are several sections that will be ignored – just too hard to get to and nothing ‘new’, and a couple of sections that will be targeted in 2024. All OR PCT miles have been walked both NOBO and SOBO. There is very little of OR’s Cascade Mountain Spine along the PCT that I have not seen. PCT 3 year update post. […]

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