Foggy Ridgeline and an unweary deer

A break in the weather pattern of sky rivers smashing into the pacific northwest allowed a fast hike on Ridgeline Tr and Spencer Butte. All the miles, scenery and fog within 10 minute drive. Carbon karma friendly, and a great way to spend a morning. This was a ‘time-boxed’ hike with a commitment to be back to car by 12:30pm.

From the camera

The fog was too thick at the summit for much of any interesting photos … the forest floor was covered in leaves of brown, orange and yellow; most of the deciduous trees bare yet moisture hung to the grasses (just enough to get my shoes wet)

An unweary deer

Can you easily pick out the deer in the photo? She was so unafraid of me … just ambled down her path and didn’t even look at me really. Either she’s sick or so used to humans we’re no longer threatening (troubling if true).

The Route

Started at Spring Blvd TH, then to Spencer Top, then down to S. Willamette TH and back up to the top; then, down toward N. Willamette, turn around and back to the Spencer summit junction; turn around and back to Spring Blvd. Around 13 miles total. Trail conditions were ideal with wet moist ground without puddles or mud. There were not too many people between Spring Blvd and Fox Hollow, but between Fox Hollow and Spencer Top … too many.

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