Dripping fog Ridgeline ramble

Weather reports said ‘partly cloudy’ by late-morning. While further away hikes were considered, colder weather and carbon karma avoidance filtered out those alternatives leaving Ridgeline and Spencer Butte as better options. An easily done weekly forest ramble.

New experience on RIdgeline: While at Spring Blvd TH just getting ready to take off, 2 MTB riders came flying out / off the trail – it was dark, headlights required, and they both had them. But, … they were cruising down that hill in the dark – not sure I’d do.

The Route

Rambled Ridgeline between Spring Blvd and N. Willamette and up / down Spencer Butte 3x. Trail conditions ideal with a few shallow mid-trail mud puddles – hiked in trail runners. Human traffic limited and only on Spencer Butte summit trail. Until late mid-morning the fog was dripping thick (Copperfield wind shell required and sufficient – Goatbells review).

I used 3 different GPS trackers. GaiaGPS is my ‘golden’ (above) and it was 14.9m; AllTrails said 15.07m; and my iPhone SE said 15.16m … all of them used same GPS radio on iPhone.

Camera struggles

With so much water and fog, my camera struggled to find and capture publishable photos … to sample:

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