Spencer Butte fog art

Sometimes timing just works. Another break in the weather (weather reports had called for a break all week, so … had to eventually get it right) with morning fog only in low valleys … the perfect set up for some Spence Butte fog art. Weather conditions have not suited fog art for weeks, so a welcome change!

Early sunrise

Starting at Blanton does not give that early sunrise view like from Baldy on the other end of Ridgeline, but timing was perfect.

Looking down into valley

A Surprise

Early, there was enough water dripping and hanging on for camera.

The Route

To mix things up, I started at Blanton Ridge TH (there were probably 8 other people getting started at same time). From TH, to the top, then down to S. Willamette TH back to the top; then, to Fox Hollow and back to the top, and finally back down to Blanton. Started around 7:00 and finished around 12:30.

Trail conditions perfect, but human traffic too high. Birds were quiet, and only 1 deer observed (and highly skittish!).

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