Foggy New Year’s Eve on Pre’s Trail

An early morning fast urban hike along Pre’s Trail, the Mill Race and Willamette River. Cool temperatures in lower 40s, dense thick, wet fog and very few humans until later. A great way to work off some holiday feasting.

Friends along Mill Race

Oddly, at different times, Great Blue Herons perch in trees – not just to nest, but to look around. This one could not have seen much with the fog, but that perch was too good to pass

The geese formed a train of sorts in the Mill Race and just paddled along with the one right in front … a train, a water snake …

One crow who would just not pass up a photo opportunity!

The Route

Started around Ferry St Bridge and then head up the river until Pre’s Trail bark dust trails – then past the Springfield boat ramp to end of bark dust and the return.

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