Hiking Gear 2023 Summary, 2024 Plan

Looking back over gear failures and gear ‘save my arse’ memories … time to update gear kits. The same exercise completed last year here.

Kits evolved over 2023 into 3:

  • Backpack – multiday / night hikes 3-5 nights; total first day weight <28lbs
  • Tough conditions Day Pack – 1 day / 0 night hikes in rain, wet fog, cold, conditions requiring additional safety gear; total weight w/ water <20lbs
  • Fast hiking Day Pack – 1 day / 0 night hikes in good, predictable weather; total weight w/ water <15lbs

Best gear for 2023: a) Gossamer Gear tarp – totally saved my bacon and extended life of bad tent; b) Hammock Gear Quilt – was never cold sleeping this year; and c) tie: Altra WP boots and Enlightened Equipment Jackets. I was out in tough weather most of 2023 and this set of gear came through big.

Target 2024 additions would include: wool / heavy fleece upper (for cold shoulder season nights), possibly an umbrella … hiking plan specific will drive changes if needed.

Gear kit by component

Pack and accessoriesBackpack: Gossamer Mariposa 6031.5 ozGGGGossamer GearGoatbells.blog review (post)Keep for 2024
Pack and accessoriesTough Day pack: Yar.gear 28L Ultra Mountain Drifter12.5 oz (changed sternum strap from stock)Yar.gear (GGG does not yet carry ultra version)Goatbells.blog review (post)Keep for 2024
Pack and accessoriesFast Day Pack: Gossamer Fast Sumo 3621.5 ozGossamer GearReview coming Keep for 2024
Pack and accessoriesPack pods – Hyperlite Mountain Gear DCF podsdepends on sizeGGGHyperlite Mountain Geareverything but kitchen and food in DCF pods- some double baggedKeep for 2024
Pack and accessoriesPack pouches – Ultra fabric UltraliteSacks
– Six Moon Pods
depends on sizeGGGUltraLiteSacksUsed for multi-night and day hikesKeep for 2024
Pack and accessoriesWaist pack – Summit Bum from Thrupack4.7 oz w/ comfy strapGGGThruPackWaterproof, large capacity and supports camera. Comfy strap is extra $ & oz but worth it imhoKeep for 2024
ShelterTent – REI Flash Air 11 lb, 6 oz (22 oz)REI (discountinued per website)Lightweight nylon tent; not sufficient for poor weather: carry tarp to stay dry – LAST YEAR ’24Replace after 2024
ShelterTarp – Gossamer Twinn Tarp9.9 oz (cords and sack)GGGGossamerExtra water, sun protection worth the weight; adds flexibility to forgo tentKeep for 2024

Hammock Gear 20 degree quilt

20 oz
Hammock Gear
Added 1 extra ounce fill
Keep for 2024
SleepingPad – Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite12 ozREITerm-a-Restnew in 2022 after Nemo pad leaked – more comfortable than Nemo. Packs stiffly – but smallKeep for 2024
SleepingCocoon Organic Cotton Liner13.4 ozREIMostly for car-camping to preserve quilt / pad, but if cold will carry in backpackNew for 2024
SleepingClothes – sleeping clothes and emergency dry layersvariousREISmartwoolSmartwool base layer top, Smartwool liner gloves, cheap tech bottoms, Smartwool lightweight beanieKeep all for 2024
KitchenStove – JetBoil Flash13.1 oz (no fuel)REIJetBoil3+ years and going strong; very fuel efficient. Tried a MightyMoe, but burnt too much fuel to carry 100g canisterKeep for 2024
KitchenSpoon – Titanium Long Handle by Toaks0.5 ozGGGJust right length for dehydrated food pouchesKeep for 2024
KitchenWater bottle – 16 oz Nalgene (2)3 oz each (9 oz)REIIf dry conditions, also 1 aluminum Natural Grocers. >weight than a Smart Water plastic bottle, but no through-away plastic bottlesKeep for 2024
Safety GPS / Satellite – Garmin inReach mini3.5 ozREIGarminNew in 2022 and worked great, though can take time under heavy canopies – used for comms and updates when no cell serviceKeep for 2024
SafetyGPS / Maps – GaiaGPSsoftware on iPhoneGaiaGPSmaps, track recording, and GPS help – not the best for planning a hike (AllTrails is better), but on the trail, GaiaGPS is ‘go-to’ toolKeep for 2024
SafetyTrekking poles – Black Diamond Alpine Carbon1 lb, 1.1 oz 
(17.1 oz)
REIBlack DiamondGoatbells.blog review (post)Keep for 2024
KitchenWater purification – Kataydn BeFree 2.3 ozREIKataydnGoatbells.blog review (post)

Small / light to carry in back pants’ pocket, replaced squeeze bottle with HydraPak
Keep for 2024

(purchased 1L for dryer hiking)
FeetSocks – Darn Tough hikersREIDarn ToughThe third season with Darn Tough – buy 3 pairs / year different color every year; old for short hikes, and new for long hikes. Best socks found yet!3 new pair 2024
FeetNew: Altra Lone Peak 7 (WP boots & mesh shoes)
REIShoes, socks & gaitersNew 2024
FeetGaiters: Ultra Glam AnkleGarage Grown GearShoes, socks & gaitersKeep for 2024
SafetyBattery pack – Anker 10,000 w/ USB-C7.5 ozAnkerthis keeps phone, Garmin and watch charged for 6 day hikeKeep for 2024
Keep WarmNEW: Enlightened Equipment Torrid7.6 ozEnlightened EquipSee EE jacket reviewKeep for 2024
BaselayerPatagonia UV calipene hooded shirt6.3 ozREIPatagoniaworks well for both keeping warm, and keeping coolKeep for 2024
Keep WarmGloves cold – Smartwool linersglovesThin enough to tie boot laces without taking off, and subtle finger pads to activate Apple touchscreensKeep for 2024
Keep WarmGloves water – Zpacks rain mittens Zpacksa gift from hiking buddy – works great and when really cold wear over linersKeep for 2024
Keep Warm Wind shell / Jacket: EE Copperfield2.5 ozEnlightened EquipSee EE jacket reviewKeep for 2024
Keep WarmMid-weight fleece: Skygoat10.1 ozGGGweather / trip dependent after Copperfield carriedKeep for 2024
Keep DryRain jacket – Mountain Hardware Gortex REIColumbiaJacket has worked well so far and kept me dryKeep for 2023

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