Ridgeline trail January sunrise

Typical OR January rain … day after day … already in the first week, but then a break in the storms. While Mary’s Peak or even Silver Falls St Park were good ideas, after holiday travels, a lower carbon idea was needed. Ridgeline Trail end to end with a couple of ‘ups’ between – a good 1 day fast hike with 20 minutes total driving.

Starting at Spring Blvd

For about 20 minutes from Spring Blvd TH, the headlight helped with the thick valley floor fog. Once up and atop Baldy (the coldest section of Ridgeline Tr imho), and above that fog, the moon would just not take a good photo.

From Baldy, straight to the top of Spencer where the sun was just coming through the clouds

Down to Blanton and back atop Spencer Butte

From atop Spencer, straight down to Blanton St TH for a swimmer’s turn and back toward Spencer. Along the way more and more humans on the trails. Atop Spencer the second time, the sun still struggled through the heavy clouds.

Looking from the sun toward the south, thin wispy fog lifts and disappears

The Route

Trail conditions were perfect – just enough rain for soft ground and few puddles. Human traffic was heavy only where expected around the summit section. 

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