Winter’s icy kiss on valley floor

UPDATE: On the second ‘warm up’ day, most of the ice was melted, so a walk around town. These were the fallen trees that caught my camera. Branches, debris and down electrical wires were plentiful.

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There are times when the weather is just … cold, ice and destruction. For 4 days, the Willamette Valley was socked with freezing rain and very cold temperatures. Birds, plants, pets and humans struggled for some kind of warmth and comfort. Each night I brought in the hummingbird feeder to put out in morning, and by mid afternoon – frozen solid.

Regardless of the destructive forces blowing trees down, breaking off weak branches and pushing bushes down to the ground, beautiful.

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    • my partner did, but I wore winter boots and used them like skis – tried to keep them on the ground. after a couple of days, though, some muscles that had not been used like that were sore … skiing needs to come back into my pattern.

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