Friends along urban hikes after the storms

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After the ice storms, the cold weather, and all the clean up, a couple of urban hikes (Gillespie Butte and Alton Baker Park) found feathered friends out and about mostly looking for either a mate or good food. The weather was warmer, clear and beautiful.

Seems like the smaller birds were all looking for great perches to find food and showing off their songs and feathers to attract a partner.

Along the mill race and the Willamette River, water birds put on a great show. The river was near its ‘high’ point with the warmer weather quickly melting the mountain snows.

For every female, there were 2-3 males fighting over who could be closest to the woman (just like humans!). The Wood Duck is not a typical Mill Race visitor, and I could not figure out what the Great Blue Heron did with its other leg.

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