Rambling around town without rain jacket

Cold, frosty early March morning – perfect for rambling around town on the bark dust trails and one of the only days this year without a rain jacket either on or in the pack. A perfectly clear, blue sky kind of day. Snow was still on Spencer Butte.

But, … spring is in the air and on the trees.

Red-wing blackbirds were marking territory and singing as loudly as possible. From perches high atop millrace trees and from the brambles along the bank, seemed like every bird was looking for another one.

A kingfisher perched ready to dive a second time. The first dive found me not ready w/ camera but it came out empty-beaked. A runner and dog came too soon and chased him from that second perch.

Out on the pond on some logs, the cormorants were all preening and that solo heron was doing some kind of neck yoga stretch.

Along the creek a bit further, this heron was intent – looking right back at the camera.

The cold, wet grass was nothing for this rambling crow. The turkeys were just showing off, except the one on the left has some sick looking feathers – not in good way.

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  • Nothing so encouraging here yet in fact, rain e snow ! Red wing black birds very few yet.

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