Hiking Cape Perpetua on a perfectly clear day

My sister, her partner, and my nephew’s dog (Hana) all joined me to hike Cape Perpetua on a perfectly clear March day on the Oregon coast – a surprising event! Before we started, I watched the day roll over the hill on onto the waves.

Spring in the air

If the vista and the absence of marine layer fog does not convince you of spring, maybe this will …. this was the first any of us had seen this year.

From that second vista point

The Route

We started at the visitor center. I arrived around 7:00 and we started by 8:30. We were the only two cars in the lot when we left. We wove and rambled following my sister’s experience finding the best spots and the oldest trees. The view from the ‘popular’ viewpoint (where there’s a parking lot) was amazing!

Trail conditions were very good. There were a couple of down trees to walk over but nothing to worry about. By noon-time human traffic and other dogs was considerable. With ample dog watering and viewing stops, the hike was from about 8:30 to 3:00. Worth every minute, especially when you pay attention to all the subtle forest changes.

My iPhone battery had a fit near the end, so data may be slightly off.