Redwoods: it’s the trees, baby!

If one hikes in the redwoods, one gets a sore neck. Constant looking up and around at the fabulous, marvelous trees. The redwoods are remarkable. Most of the large trees older than 1000 years and so persistent, so completely filled with life force. Trees growing out of old dead trees, trees growing on the branches of other living trees, and all pushing anything and everything toward the sunshine. During foggy day, the water drops falling from the trees exceed the raindrops.

I was amazed.

Did you catch the 125cm trekking pole in the one photo?

The “Big Tree” had a constant flow of tourists taking pictures – mostly selfies. I doubt if many realized just how old that tree is.

If I was to complain about 1 thing … people seemed more focused on their selfie (even leaving the paths to get it) than the trees which made the selfie interesting. Humans are too funny.

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