And into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul – John Muir

That captures the heart of Goat Bells. Most about is preparing for, being in, celebrating and sharing outdoor experiences. Regardless of where those woods are, or how one gets there, being mindful of environmental ethics is necessary. Outdoor ethics is personal to each of us, some examples – US BLM and Wilderness Society. I add to those practices mindful gear purchases and usage to maximize sustainable gear and a carbon karma tax ratio of 1:3 (for every 1 hour of car time, there should be 3 hours of ‘woods’ time).

Maybe the photos and experiences on will encourage you to spend more time outdoors and to be as ethical as possible while there … I find the beauty, peace and respite truly amazing (all needed motivation to do it, and keep doing it!) … sometimes, right outside my front door.

Why the name?

A dear friend, gave the set of bells (supposedly Tibetan goat bells) to help keep bears away while hiking after two bear encounters. These bells don’t scare the bears, or keep them away after recent hiking in Enchanted Valley – (some say bears don’t hear well any ways).

The bells go on every hike – most animals in the woods hear them aways away, no surprises … and few have complained of the noise. Some dogs, however, do get agitated by the bells. Another friend of our family gave me another goat bell, but this one a 100+ year antique. I posted its story. The small light bells are on backpack, and the heavier single bell on my day pack.

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