Oregon Hiking trip reports from backpacking and day hikes up and down the Cascades, the high desert and several valleys.

Map: US Forest Service


PCT Coverage Update post (How much of Pacific Crest Trail walked so far?)

Sisters area (USFS Wilderness link)

Mt Hood (USFS Wilderness hiking link)

Mt Jefferson (Willamette National Forest link)

The valley, coast and high desert

Day Hikes

3 Sisters & Mt Jefferson Wilderness


  • *** 2020 ***
  • South Sister Walk up (pics only) – August 2020
  • Mt Thielsen and PCT (pics only) – August 2020
  • Mt Baily (pics only) – August 2020
  • Diamond Peak ramble (pics only) – July 2020
  • Fuji Mountain (pics only) – July 2020
  • Maiden Peak (pics only) – July 2020