A PCT segment completion tracker keeps a record of the portions of the trail traveled. The tracker covers 3 hiking seasons so far, 2020, 21 and 22. Now that snow covers the cascade spine, subsequent PCT miles will be in 2023. Most segments tracked saw the trail covered both north-bound (NOBO) and south-bound (SOBO).

Reviewing progress to date against a goal of covering as much as possible without huge effort to cover undifferentiated areas leaves one void to do (Windigo Pass) and the entire southern section beyond current coverage. In the north, the void between Lost Lake and Columbia River may be included as well, but from the Gorge side.

Oregon PCT

On the map, red tracks = covered first time in 2020 or 2021; blue = covered first time in 2022. Sisters area and Mt Hood were covered 3-4 times over the 3 years, some years twice.

Sectioned into 3 logical parts

So far, tracking the OR PCT is sectioned into 3 logical parts (South to North): a) to highway 58; b) highway 58 to Mt Jefferson; and c) Mt Jefferson to Columbia River

North to Highway 58

Windigo Pass area remains a void. Fire in 2022 shut that section of the trail very early, and this section remains on the ‘to do’ list. Hike tracks completed for this area are posted here

58 north to Mt Jefferson

3 Sisters to Jefferson covers some of the most beautiful segments on OR PCT, and as result, most of this section covered more than once! The only void in this section is lowland lake segments that do not materially differ from the segments north and south of the void. This void will be ignored and not added to the “to do” list.

Hike track completed for this section can be found here: 3 Sisters and Mt Jefferson

Mt Jefferson to the Columbia

Mt Hood and the northern segments are well covered south to Warm Spring River. From there to Mt Jefferson in the south the landscape differs little. This segment will be ignored and not added to the “to do” list.

Completed hike tracks for this section are here