Kirby’s fav photos so far 2023

My great kestrel friend, Kirby from Cascade Raptor Center (CRC), is my guide to finding the best photos (her photo is from CRC). In 2023, the selection set started with about 30 photos. She helped narrow it to these … … Read More

Grist: Landfills’ methane and solar panels

Note: featured image ChatGPT generated by Bing Grist published two articles this week that caught my attention, and both are related to humans’ propensity to create tons and tons of waste without first comprehending the unintended consequences of that waste. … Read More

First snow in Oregon cascades

This week marks the first snow levels deep enough to show on NOAAs data in GaiaGPS. Hood, Jefferson and 3 Sisters all have snow. Yesterday’s data even had snow on Bachelor, and there were press reports that Bachelor may open … Read More

Hiking Santiam Pass PCT nobo

Hiking Santiam Pass north-bound on the Pacific Crest Trail was one of the October Camp Sherman basecamp day hikes – the first in a 5 day sequence. Several hikes this year around 3-Finger Jack ran into rain and fog, so … Read More

Hiking Jack Lake and Canyon Meadows Loop

My sister and I continued our annual rainy late September hiking, finishing Jack Lake and the Canyon Meadows Loop on the east side of 3-Fingered Jack in Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. Needless to say, getting to the hike, the hike and … Read More

Clear Lake and upper Mckenzie River

After car tenting at Pine Rest Campground (Camp Sherman) the night before, around sunrise I topped the Santiam Pass and headed for the Upper Mckenzie River Trailhead just downriver from Fish Lake. I hiked this section of the trail earlier … Read More

Rambling Mt Jefferson Wilderness on PCT

The first plan for a Mt Jefferson Wilderness PCT (USFS) ramble was ambitious and assumed a ‘happy weather path’. Well, OR in September can be a fleeting factoid. The forecast changed to probable rain on day 3 morning and temperatures … Read More


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Stone Lake early April

Sometimes I just gotta get away and chill. There’s hardly a better place than a no-wake lake in the midwest with water so clean it’s almost drinkable. Upon arrival, the weather was cold, windy, rainy … sound familiar? But that … Read More

Quick up Spencer Butte

A time boxed quick, fast hike from Spring Blvd to Spencer Butte top and back. After watching the weather and a quick breakfast, started off around 8:30. Trail conditions were muddier than last hike, but mostly around the recent construction … Read More