Rainy Ridgeline Tr e2e 2up

I was going hiking come rain or not; it rained about 1/3 of the time, misted 1/3 of the time, and was foggy the balance. Obviously, the NIkon stayed home, so all pics are iPhone SE2 camera. The hike started … Read More

Another Spencer sunrise

Breaks in the weather are not to be taken lightly in an Oregon winter. Another day with a possible clear sunrise, and my hiking boots were ready! I set off a bit earlier than the other hike this week. Today’s … Read More

Spencer sunrise Jan 11

WIth very unstable air that turned cold to warm to cold and back to warm, I headed out to Spencer Butte, Fox Hollow trailhead for a good 15+mile ramble and importantly timed to catch the sunrise at the top. Driving … Read More

After the snow & a deluge

While last week was filled with snow (and then some sun), this past week was a deluge raining 0.5″ daily for several days keeping everyone but the bravest acting like the children waiting for Thing 1 and Thing 2. I … Read More

Looking out and up – Holiday Snow 21

After three days of snow and walking around each morning through the neighborhood and especially the golf course, there were two views from the camera – UP toward the sky, and OUT toward the trees. All were beautiful for sure … Read More

Holiday Snow ’21

Looking out and up through three days of snow during Holidays 2021. Looking UP Looking OUT

Solstice sunrise ’21

After several days of ‘Cat-in-the-Hat’ rain, a break for the solstice was just what the doctor ordered. Starting at the Ridgeline Tr Fox Hollow TH at first light with one of the Cascade Raptor Center‘s kestrels (Kirby or Parker) singing … Read More

First fall ’21 ice on Spencer Butte

It was cold this morning; around 30 degrees. Water everywhere the day before froze … and even maybe a bit of snow. Driving to the hill was a challenge, and I relied on all the branches and leaves in the … Read More

Two foggy hikes & a woodpecker

For the last two weeks, only 1 hike per week was possible given other commitments and the weather. Both hikes were local Spencer Butte / Ridgeline variations of 12 and 16 miles in the fog and mist. During first of … Read More