Quick up Spencer Butte

A time boxed quick, fast hike from Spring Blvd to Spencer Butte top and back. After watching the weather and a quick breakfast, started off around 8:30. Trail conditions were muddier than last hike, but mostly around the recent construction … Read More

Dripping fog Ridgeline ramble

Weather reports said ‘partly cloudy’ by late-morning. While further away hikes were considered, colder weather and carbon karma avoidance filtered out those alternatives leaving Ridgeline and Spencer Butte as better options. An easily done weekly forest ramble. New experience on … Read More

Hiking Ridgeline Tr on hot day

The day’s plan originally was Fuji Mt for some photos of snow-covered sisters. Hot weather just made the plan stupid, so nearby Ridgeline Tr is an always-welcome contingency. A 30 minute total car-time hike that started at 5:00am at Spring … Read More

Ridgeline equinox sunrise

Hiking Ridgeline and Spencer Butte for the equinox sunrise in dense wet fog as the woods turn toward spring – just spectacular. Birds were everywhere, the cooler temperatures and wet fog kept most but the dedicated out of the woods, … Read More