Goatbells.blog: curious observers who are passionate about being outdoors, all the while, respecting, celebrating and protecting our environment. Being outdoors ethically. Taking great photos of the beauty encountered, as well as our experiences, and then sharing on Goatbells.blog to encourage others to enjoy that beauty and get themselves outdoors for their own experiences.

Outdoor ethics is personal to each of us, some examples – US BLM and Wilderness Society

Why the name?

A dear friend, gave the set of bells (supposedly Tibetan goat bells) to help keep bears away while hiking after two bear encounters. These bells don’t scare the bears, or keep them away after recent hiking in Enchanted Valley – (some say bears don’t hear well any ways). Bells go on every hike and jingle, dangle and make noises all the way – most animals in the woods hear them aways away, no surprises … and few have complained of the noise. Some dogs, however, do get confused and/or agitated by the bells.

goat bells

And into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul – John Muir

That captures the heart of Goat Bells. Most about goatbells.blog is preparing for, being in, celebrating and sharing outdoor experiences, ethically. Hopefully, through these shared experiences others will be encouraged to spend more time outdoors and / or be more ethical while there … and to just be awed by the beauty, peace and respite found outdoors – often right outside your door.

Main elements:

Adventures / travels

Hiking, walking, biking, kayaking, etc … and all that is required be a most curious adventurer. This includes the full cycle of safe and rewarding adventures. Planning and preparation, best practices for safety and low anxiety (for the traveler and those at home), trip reviews to both consume and /or use as a springboard for your own adventures.


A camera is necessary gear for all goatbells.blog activities and the photos to speak for themselves. Some photos will aid telling the trip’s story and sharing the beauty the traveler found. Some photos are simple capturing outdoor art – stand-alone snapshots of awe-inspiring beauty. Unless stated otherwise, all media is our own and free to use to your heart’s content per Creative Commons license, just don’t mangle them, please.

Our sphere of control – how we can act, what can we do?

Adventures: We plan our adventures / travels with diligent awareness of their impact. This includes the gear we buy, the food we take / eat, transportation and when outdoors. We strictly and passionately follow ‘Leave No Trace Behind’, and monitor our carbon-karma to maintain the best balance possible. (more on Leave no trace – US National Parks, Leave no Trace) – being outdoors ethicall.

Photos: Our photos focus on environmental reality, both the beauty and the sadness. Seldom are humans included; that is not the focus here. Our deep belief is photos can inspire others to treasure our environment and to inspire more outdoor adventures and awe-filled experiences! Wildlife, plant or animal, is never interfered with to capture a photo – what taken was there without manipulation.

Comments, questions, bitching, etc; or more importantly, if interested in submitting a post from your adventure – send an email to: contact@goatbells.blog