And into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul –
John Muir

That captures the heart of Goat Bells. It’s about preparing for, being in and celebrating experiences out in the woods. Walks, hikes, bikes, runs, meditations and all that is required to do those activities safely and happily is what you’ll find here – pictures, commentary, experiences and musings. Maybe these trips to the woods will encourage others to lose their mind …

Why the name, Goat Bells? A dear friend of mine, gave the set of bells (supposedly Tibetan goat bells) to help my mind keep bears away while hiking (i had two encounters and I realize that bells don’t scare the bears). These bells go on every hike even in the rain and jingle, dangle and make noises all the way – I find it peaceful and I surprise no creature in their home, as they hear me coming … few have complained of the noise.

What will not be here: politics and other human nonsense – there are a multitude of blogs, sites and social media to find truth and untruth about those topics.

A camera is necessary gear for all activities and the pics speak for themselves. Unless stated otherwise, all media is covered by Creative Commons license per footer.

About the hiker: retired technology guy (low 60s); long-time half-marathon runner; avoider of meat; guitar playing Deadhead; and father (a daughter).

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