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3 Sisters Wilderness: Just pics

Reminder: Clicking on pic will open 90% resolution – much better than these thumbnails. In middle June, wildflowers the last 5 years were way popping … but this year with the later snow, just starting This last ramble spent most … Read More

Couple Days on Willamette River

Between long hikes, recovery workouts on the bike along the wonderful Willamette River can be amazing. The river’s level is high, higher at this time of year for over 5 years. The up-stream Lookout Reservoir was even ‘lowered’ so it … Read More

PCT: Crater Lake

The first PCT hike of the 2022 season (July 5-8) didn’t turn out as expected from very early planning … who would have thought that OR snow would come later and last longer than any season in the last 6. … Read More

First summer blooms

The first week of summer after a month of heavy rains in OR – totally opposite of the recent years’ early fires. I looked up history June rainfall for our end of Willamette Valley (Averages and June 22 month to … Read More