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Ridgeline e2e1up

Another unstable air day for a time-boxed hike on Ridgeline Trail (All Trails). For the time box, I wanted to be home, coffee-full and showered by 1pm; between enough light to see and that time constraint, it was up to … Read More

Fog and mist

The gallery pics from yesterday’s Ridgeline hike are posted now The weather has been so kind this year so far … dry, hot, but could have been so much worse. I will keep going to the woods regardless …

Ridgeline Trail 10-12-21

Another autumn day perfect for hiking – cold, crisp and clear (at least to start). To minimize carbon cost, Ridgeline Trail was the destination, a short 10 minute drive right outside Eugene. Left early to catch sunrise as usual though … Read More

Biking along the Willamette

Adding the Dorris Ranch, Middle Fork and Clearwater Park paths to the Eugene path along the river to Delta Highway, one can find a fairly decent day’s ride along the Willamette River. Most of the 30+ miles of this ride … Read More

Ridgeline with 2 Spencer ups

A supposedly rainy day expected, so geared up accordingly and headed to the Fox Hollow TH very early – arriving just before first light. Getting ready to go, a pair of trail runners with headlamps ‘on’ stopped for portapot and … Read More

Spencer Butte rainy ramble

A rainy day, so the better camera stayed home – especially with all its unpredictable behavior and failures recently (… a new camera needed?). Hence, all pics are iPhone SE2. With only the morning to burn in the woods, Spencer … Read More