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Molly Tuttle

This is a bit out of scope for my typical posts, but what does a hiker do in bad weather? … play guitar and listen to great players to learn more. Molly Tuttle is a young guitar player and just … Read More

Gear test in mist

For the last new backpack gear test, a long local, low carbon hike without trailhead vandalism risk presented a new methodology – park at somebody’s house and walk to the TH. This hike was 3 miles on the road, to … Read More

W.A.T. -late March

Walking around town (WAT) the last couple of weeks brought out some bushes, flowers, and birds … and an early morning cloudy sky. Reminder: clicking on pic opens 90% quality resolution. Bushes – pinks and whites Flowers – whites, yellows … Read More

Ridgeline e2e 2up

I risked another trailhead vandalism (but this time armed with new auto window alarms) for a near-in Ridgeline Trail hike to test out a new backpack — yipee!!! more to follow on that one. Weather was cloudy and cool Hike … Read More

Silver Falls no ice

Over 20 degrees warmer than the last trip to Silver Falls, and there was no ice … a bit of rain and mud, but nothing material or dramatic. Just the falls, trees, birds and a few humans who not surprisingly … Read More