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Along the Willamette

March can be spectacular in Willamette Valley – the subtle shifting from winter to spring is underway. The animals – especially the birds – are acting “spring”, pairing up, strutting around, singing loudly atop the tallest trees around … over … Read More

Icy Silver Falls

The weather was near perfect – very cold around 22-25 degrees – the sun was going to shine, and the day before the cascade foothills were dusted with snow. A lower elevation hike was the answer, so off to Silver … Read More

Between times

This was going to be a hike, but situations arose that made it a fast up to top for pics and then down and home. Not a hike in my world, but the photos from the time between – right … Read More

Carbon karma flexibility

I really wanted to hike Mary’s Peak this week before the mud really pauses ‘fun’ hiking, but after taking a 100 mile road-trip the past weekend to spend time w/ dear friends, my carbon karma allowance was over-drawn. Close-in hiking … Read More

Sunrise deja-vu 4x

Another cold clear day was expected, so why not head up the hill again? Started a few minutes later than Tuesday and only needed headlamp for 5-10 minutes. The fog was crystallizing into ice in the sub freezing temperatures and … Read More

Sunrise 1-25

Another one of those cold days with fog on the valley floor, and the opportunity to hike up the hill to catch the sunrise. The hike went on Ridgeline from Blanton to Spring with 2 ups between. The first 15 … Read More

Another Spencer sunrise

Breaks in the weather are not to be taken lightly in an Oregon winter. Another day with a possible clear sunrise, and my hiking boots were ready! I set off a bit earlier than the other hike this week. Today’s … Read More