Pic deep dives into specific theme, subject or time – these are either galleries or posts w/ galleries that I think are extraordinary. Seldom is it the photo itself, but the place or the subject that makes to special.

Clicking on any image in the gallery should provide you with a 90% resolution image for your viewing … 100% resolution, full size images are available upon request.

Recent Galleries

Sunrise: July, Aug 22

Lost mother souls: Central Cascades

3 Sisters Wilderness: Just Pics

First Summer Blooms

Olympic National Park: Enchanted Valley

Stone Lake Spring 2022
April’s Yard
Icy Silver Falls – Just the Falls
Holiday Snow 2021 – Looking up and looking out
Solstice sunrise ’21 (Spencer Butte)
Favorite hummingbird pics – including 2021
October Ending 2021 – catching the sky and trees as they turn into November
Stone Lake October 2021 – Stone Lake October – lake, mornings, moon, birds and a country walking trail
Fog and Mist – Ridgeline Trail views
Mary’s Peak October Sunrise – 4 different views
Spencer Sunrise looking to Sisters
Spencer Butte Sunrise – October 2021 – Gallery: Image viewer- 14 images