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3 Sisters Wilderness: Just pics

Reminder: Clicking on pic will open 90% resolution – much better than these thumbnails. In middle June, wildflowers the last 5 years were way popping … but this year with the later snow, just starting This last ramble spent most … Read More

First summer blooms

The first week of summer after a month of heavy rains in OR – totally opposite of the recent years’ early fires. I looked up history June rainfall for our end of Willamette Valley (Averages and June 22 month to … Read More

May flowers & parents

Walking around the mill race and Ducks’ football stadium today camera in hand … First those slow children and watchful parents taking up too much of the bike path One of the osprey parents took a break to clean up, … Read More

Willamette’s raptors and flowers

Walking yesterday (Earth Day) along the Willamette River, raptors filled the sky, flowers opened their colors and the first baby geese left their nests. Reminder: click on pictures to open better resolution Why an idiot? As i was walking around … Read More

I’m an idiot

On earth day yet — around Willamette today a 1x life time view of earth’s magic, … and I froze camera around neck … no picture. After heart rate near normal, the same.

Stone Lake Spring 22

An April week in Indiana in 2022 surprised all of us there watching the incredibly unstable, changing weather. A full moon, sunrises, cold temperatures with snow, and birds living through it all … spectacular! Mornings Moonset Snow Birds Yes, that’s … Read More