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After the snow & a deluge

While last week was filled with snow (and then some sun), this past week was a deluge raining 0.5″ daily for several days keeping everyone but the bravest acting like the children waiting for Thing 1 and Thing 2. I … Read More

Solstice sunrise ’21

After several days of ‘Cat-in-the-Hat’ rain, a break for the solstice was just what the doctor ordered. Starting at the Ridgeline Tr Fox Hollow TH at first light with one of the Cascade Raptor Center‘s kestrels (Kirby or Parker) singing … Read More

Fav hummingbird pics added

A new camera page was added this morning …. ~20 pics of hummingbirds. Some of my favorites that clearly show different birds and kinds of hummingbirds Enjoy … https://www.goatbells.blog/camera/hummingbird-fav-pics/

Fav pics 2021 – the Cascades

Most, if not all, were taken while hiking / backpacking. Each view was spectacular from the hiker’s lens Clicking on pic will open 90% quality resolution – if you have good compute / graphics power, please do so.

Around the lake Oct ’21

A recent family trip to a wonderfully clean and peaceful glacial lake gave the camera opportunities not often experienced at home. The time spent there was spectacular and merits often returns – especially as my legs age and swimming becomes … Read More