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Spencer Butte: Solstice 2022

For a second year, Summer Solstice sunrise around Spence Butte was the start of summer. Last year’s pics were more remarkable given the unstable skies. This year, after several days of rain, the forest was booming big and green, the … Read More

Ridgeline: Thru-hike sim

A thru-hike simulation is about finding a groove (pace) that is sustainable all day over changing terrain, and then again the next day. While Hardesty Mountain trail to Mt. June was first choice, the carbon karma was too high; for … Read More

Fast-hike Spence Butte

To keep up the endurance gained last week on Rogue River (post), a ‘fast-hike’ the full length of Ridgeline Tr (Spring Bvld to Blanton) and topping Spencer Butte twice. Hit the trail around 6:30 carrying lightly packed NorthFace 20L pack … Read More

April Mary’s Peak Ramble

Hiking season started today with a quick trip to Mary’s Peak for another test of the new backpack. Weather was suggesting temperatures above 70. Driving toward the trailhead, the sunrise over the valley farms and hills … Past this farm … Read More

Gear test in mist

For the last new backpack gear test, a long local, low carbon hike without trailhead vandalism risk presented a new methodology – park at somebody’s house and walk to the TH. This hike was 3 miles on the road, to … Read More

Ridgeline e2e 2up

I risked another trailhead vandalism (but this time armed with new auto window alarms) for a near-in Ridgeline Trail hike to test out a new backpack — yipee!!! more to follow on that one. Weather was cloudy and cool Hike … Read More