Backpacking gear kit from 2022

Backpacking season 2022 finished with over 1000 miles hiked around OR and WA. Time to comment on the final backpacking gear kit including which gear needs replaced or updated and gear that helped make a great season. Packing this all … Read More

Challenge submitting gear review

A challenge submitting a gear review to favorite retailer taught important lesson for future successful gear review submissions (based on a post here). Published review terms and conditions (T&C) diverge from how retailer moderates gear reviews. They rejected my post … Read More

Gear: Yar.Gear day pack

I recently purchased a new day pack for those fast and longer day hikes. Research was focused on the following features / requirements: The search took several weeks while reading reviews and exploring different options. I discovered the Yar Gear … Read More

Gear: Katadyn BeFree

After two hikes, this is my ‘go-to’ water purification system for ‘flowing water’ sources (contrasted to ‘still water’ sources, e.g., ponds and lakes). Katadyn BeFree (Rei page) This is so light and easy to make small, I carried it in … Read More

Gear: Topo Graveyard

For the last two years, Topo Athletic has been my go-to shoe for hiking and training. Nothing has changed; they are the best shoe so-far for my odd-ball feet. With this spring season closing and summer starting, different shoes take … Read More