Sometimes a dog and a cat not only make friends but can entertain everybody who watches.

A gathering of great friends brought together a cat and a dog …

A 5 year old cat, Leo, and a young puppy, Mica, met for the first time and played swat back and forth from the top of the sofa to the floor (dog on the floor of course). Leo never put out his claws, and Mica never growled.

The act went on for about 10 minutes with the laughter of all the humans totally captivated by a new friendship following the human friendships.

As the last pic shows, Leo and Mica quickly tired of their game and decided that resting was the best idea for now.

Amazing how great friends make everything better …

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    • After reviewing and posting the pics, I realized that we should have taken a video on somebody’s phone. We were all just so captivated by Mica / Leo we forgot our common sense … ok, I did.

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