Exiting Google – as much as possible

The plan is to reduce to the bare minimum any and all traffic through the Google infrastructure that can easily be tied to my digital persona (and those of my contacts). Why? you ask … It’s easy. Follow the money. … Read More

Climate Leader: Meena Sankaran & clean water

Grist published a post today highlighting the work of Meena on her startup working to improve the quality of water systems – water quality and leaks through digital sensors and monitoring. Our water infrastructure is probably (US) older than any … Read More

Scientific Digest: This week – ROBOTICS

For reasons nobody will really know, Science Digest this week was filled with summaries on different elements in robotics. Most of these summaries (if not all) are from academia and not corporate RD shops. Regardless, some of these are very … Read More

Odd consequences of warming climate

Grist published a study today on how temperature changes impact tick behavior. All you dog owners, PAY ATTENTION! Quote: “A new study from the University of California-Davis shows that climate change may prompt these tiny-headed, eight-legged blood bags to start choosing people … Read More

5G investment narrative is NOT phones

Almost every trending article highlighting the promise of investing behind a 5G wave is focused on phones – Apple in particular. However, the narrative that is behind our portfolio decisions is focused on ‘non phones’, and it goes in 3 … Read More

Is there inflation, or not?

Well, if you are only looking at farm commodities … then, yes! Inflation is roaring Source – https://www.statista.com/chart/23507/crop-price-increases


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Sunrise: July, Aug 22

Over the last couple of months, sunrise found me enough in the woods to capture a couple decent views … clicking opens full resolution pic.

Lost mother souls: Central Cascades

Within the Central Cascades, dead trees from disease and fire are almost EVERYWHERE. This last backpacking trip was no exception, and these mostly solitary or small group trees stand like the lost mother souls around the world … waiting for … Read More

PCT: Central Cascades

WOW! After the Sisters Loop 2 weeks ago with feet and feet of snow on the west side, I took another – leaving Aug 1, a 6 day PCT hike both directions (north and south) covering as much of the … Read More