Spencer Butte: elevation maintenance

Sometimes, one just has to bite the bullet and do the hard work … maintaining elevation gain capability while on a week of ‘rest’ from backpacking. Sitting around or walking around level city walkways does not cut it. So, off … Read More

PCT: South of Mt Hood

After a well planned backpacking trip fell apart, I found myself at the US 26 / PCT junction Tuesday morning, July 16 with time until Friday noon to backpack the PCT just south of Mt. Hood. First, this is not … Read More

Sunrise: July, Aug 22

Over the last couple of months, sunrise found me enough in the woods to capture a couple decent views … clicking opens full resolution pic.

Lost mother souls: Central Cascades

Within the Central Cascades, dead trees from disease and fire are almost EVERYWHERE. This last backpacking trip was no exception, and these mostly solitary or small group trees stand like the lost mother souls around the world … waiting for … Read More

PCT: Central Cascades

WOW! After the Sisters Loop 2 weeks ago with feet and feet of snow on the west side, I took another – leaving Aug 1, a 6 day PCT hike both directions (north and south) covering as much of the … Read More

3 Sisters Wilderness: Just pics

Reminder: Clicking on pic will open 90% resolution – much better than these thumbnails. In middle June, wildflowers the last 5 years were way popping … but this year with the later snow, just starting This last ramble spent most … Read More

3 Sisters Wilderness: Ramble

For me, there is no place in Oregon like Three Sisters Wilderness (US Forest Svs), and for the last 6 years I’ve wandered around this area – amazed, challenged and inspired by the diversity and beauty and fragility of this … Read More

Couple Days on Willamette River

Between long hikes, recovery workouts on the bike along the wonderful Willamette River can be amazing. The river’s level is high, higher at this time of year for over 5 years. The up-stream Lookout Reservoir was even ‘lowered’ so it … Read More

PCT: Crater Lake

The first PCT hike of the 2022 season (July 5-8) didn’t turn out as expected from very early planning … who would have thought that OR snow would come later and last longer than any season in the last 6. … Read More


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Broken Top: No name lake ramble

Reminder – clicking on pic will open 90% quality resolution – it’s worth it! For possibly the last Central Cascades wilderness (Friends of Central Cascades) hike of the 2022 season, Broken Top surfaced as the preferred destination. After visiting No … Read More

3 neighbors

Walking around town these last few days some neighbors showed up … Spiders are so difficult to photo while in web …. the hawk put on a show circling the field, and this squirrel just sat on the sign post.

3 Finger Jack: south end of loop

With great luck, my sister and I found ourselves with free time, a Santiam Pass hiking permit and both of us at Santiam Pass. She was kind enough to start the hiking at my hour (first light as if we … Read More