Elk Lake day hikes – day 2 – PCT north

After day 1 filled with surprises and the morning covered in ice, expectations for PCT north were mixed. I knew the trail would be flat and viewless until the Wickiup Planes, but was really looking forward to Mesa meadows. Heading … Read More

Spencer 1x up + Ridgeline e2e

The winds of change have shifted: the winds were blowing cold (~40 f) bringing smells of rain and weather people put 100% probability of >.5″ of rain on Saturday (one report said no meaningful rain since July 7). What better … Read More

Diamond Lake Day Hikes 2021

Yep, another year to Diamond Lake, and another year with fires … fires almost everywhere to the west, south, and north. Hwy 58 was deemed too prone to fire delays for the return trip. Temperatures were also >95 in valley … Read More

Mt Hood (n side) Ramble 2021

4 nights and days to ramble the north side of Mt Hood following either PCT or Timberline trail at the same time as last year’s ‘Loop Hike’ … the plan was fairly simple: Timberline Trail full north (east / west) … Read More


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Ridgeline e2e1up

Another unstable air day for a time-boxed hike on Ridgeline Trail (All Trails). For the time box, I wanted to be home, coffee-full and showered by 1pm; between enough light to see and that time constraint, it was up to … Read More

Fog and mist

The gallery pics from yesterday’s Ridgeline hike are posted now The weather has been so kind this year so far … dry, hot, but could have been so much worse. I will keep going to the woods regardless …

Ridgeline Trail 10-12-21

Another autumn day perfect for hiking – cold, crisp and clear (at least to start). To minimize carbon cost, Ridgeline Trail was the destination, a short 10 minute drive right outside Eugene. Left early to catch sunrise as usual though … Read More