More young heroes!

More young people are standing up and demanding climate justice, and they seem to making a difference. Their lives and their children’s lives are in the balance but we all can help. Grist published the article, and it is an … Read More

W.A.T. Fall 2020 #1

A bit late getting around town as most free time was spent in the woods … but the colors are turning and today the sun was shining around town.

October clouds & fog @ Spencer’s Butte

Spencer’s Butte is a great close-in park to get in a good hike regardless if you want to do 3-5 miles or 9-10 miles (tho the longer ones require some step retracement) – if you live in Eugene, OR that … Read More


And into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul – John Muir That captures the heart of Goat Bells. It’s about preparing for, being in and celebrating experiences out in the woods. Walks, hikes, bikes, … Read More

Technical difficulties and a do over!

The once available blog has vanished and all the old content too. Some of it was good and its loss a tragedy (the recent trip reports), but none of the photos were lost This debacle provides the opportunity to revamp, … Read More