First fall ’21 ice on Spencer Butte

It was cold this morning; around 30 degrees. Water everywhere the day before froze … and even maybe a bit of snow. Driving to the hill was a challenge, and I relied on all the branches and leaves in the … Read More

Two foggy hikes & a woodpecker

For the last two weeks, only 1 hike per week was possible given other commitments and the weather. Both hikes were local Spencer Butte / Ridgeline variations of 12 and 16 miles in the fog and mist. During first of … Read More

Wet weather packing protocol

If one is to hike in OR during ‘wet season’ – really anytime between October 1 and June 30 – then being prepared to get wet is very important, especially if like me you hate to get wet to the … Read More

Wished I thought of this …

A great post in Outside this week about PCT thru hikers and their trash … A necessary read for any backpacker, imho I will be working on a plan for my 2022 hiking season for both measuring and reducing … Read More

Sister’s birthday sunrise

My sister’s birthday today so after telling her happy birthday and staying within a tight carbon burn constraint (<30 minutes total driving to / from), a different twist to Spencer Butte / Ridgeline was the order of the day. The … Read More

Fav hummingbird pics added

A new camera page was added this morning …. ~20 pics of hummingbirds. Some of my favorites that clearly show different birds and kinds of hummingbirds Enjoy …

Hummingbird fav pics

Hummingbirds are hard to capture and the only way found so far is to cheat a bit with a backyard feeder filled with sugar water. The food is just sugar and water (no additives, no color, etc) and replaced at … Read More

Planning with the weather

Planning a good day hike in late Fall in Oregon can be a challenge – especially when one’s calendar is not completely flexible, i.e., hiking on a specific day. That was my situation this week – I was going to … Read More

Hiking in fog

A close-in hike in the November fog would have been hardly memorable or even something to post on (same hike I do regularly to keep carbon cost as low as possible – a 10 minute drive from home), but one … Read More