Rambling Mt Hood’s southeast

I read that Badger Creek Wilderness (just east of Hwy 35) was a prime early season hike as the snow melts early. For 4 days, 3 nights, I rambled around Mt. Hood’s southeast side, camping at USFS Nottingham Campground all … Read More

Spencer Butte & small things

After last week’s rather slow and easy week (only King Castle day hike), a good elevation workout was desperately needed. I had just posted at Kestrel a piece on individual internet usage and its impact on carbon footprint, aka Carbon … Read More

Summer Solstice at Camp Sherman

Summer solstice, a full moon and warm weather … 3 days rambling around Camp Sherman were practically perfect in every way. Last year, I hiked Alpine Trail on Summer Solstice; no comparisons. Camp Sherman and the Metolius River are just … Read More

Ridgeline flowers and clouds

After the Ochocos, another drive to hike just seemed irrational this week. For a close-in experience, Ridgeline and Spencer Butte were the ticket. Human traffic was moderate and mostly after 9:00; I did, however, see two baby carriages on the … Read More

5 day ramble in Ochoco Mountains

After last year’s time in Ochoco Mountains, split between Walton Lake and Wildcat areas, I knew not returning was not an option. I planned this year’s ramble staying 4 nights at Walton Lake campground and hiking the last day at … Read More

Trails walked in southern Redwoods

The writer recounts a car-packing adventure in the Northern Redwoods, detailing various trails hiked. Ossagon Beach is steep yet impressive, while Hope Creek offers a gentle walk among old redwoods. Westridge Trail leads to a campsite but has younger trees. Rhododendron Ridge is a pleasant stroll. Fern Canyon is challenging but rewarding.… Read More