Quick up Spencer Butte

A time boxed quick, fast hike from Spring Blvd to Spencer Butte top and back. After watching the weather and a quick breakfast, started off around 8:30. Trail conditions were muddier than last hike, but mostly around the recent construction … Read More

Overpopulated Spencer Butte

With a ~24 hour break between recent NWP Atmospheric Rivers (NOAA), time to strap on trekking poles and get a Spencer Butte fast hike before the next river. Too many people had the same idea! Spencer Butte was overpopulated with humans and … Read More

Mary’s Peak Ramble

A couple of clear, cold days and my sister’s day off created perfect opportunity to rendezvous at Mary’s Peak. We met at Conners’ Camp around 7:30; we were the first two cars in the parking lot. Temperatures in the valley … Read More