Diamond Lake Day Hikes 2021

Yep, another year to Diamond Lake, and another year with fires … fires almost everywhere to the west, south, and north. Hwy 58 was deemed too prone to fire delays for the return trip. Temperatures were also >95 in valley … Read More

PCT Charlton Lk to Stormy Lk

Not to let 6-legged monsters keep me from PCT plans, I went back to Waldo Lake area to complete the section planned earlier but denied by the swarm. The swarm was gone and those left were easily outrun, though resting … Read More

2 days @ Waldo Lake: Twins & Fuji

What started as a 3 day, 2 night camping and hiking adventure at Waldo Lake was reduced to a 2 day, 1 night psychological and physical test due to one small, swarming 6-legged monster: mosquitoes. Everybody who plans on hiking … Read More

Ridgeline trail run

Some days, it all works … early cool morning with no time constraints, so a Ridgeline Trail run hit the spot! This run started at Fox Hollow TH, went up Baldy, and then to Blanton, and back to Fox Hollow … Read More

Hardesty Mt to Sawtooth Rock

Heading out to the trailhead, I thought that another cloudy forest hike was in the cards. Getting started on the trail, the lower elevation flowers were amazing. But it was the Rhodies that were just spectacular, and every once and … Read More

Goodman Creek Trail

All the best plans, and yet sometimes crazy stuff happens. Originally, I set out to hike Goodman Creek to Eagles Rest trail. The trail leaves from the Hardesty TH. Everything was going well on the drive to the TH, the … Read More

Rainy day Ridgeline

Some days it rains. Some days, we hike in the rain. Today was such a day, and it was marvelous. (it was also a great test of day-hike gear system – review post coming). I expected rain, dressed for rain … Read More

Spencer fitness ramble

Some days, a good fast fitness hike is the best medicine. A wet, cold May morning – no rain today, but yesterday so the forest was wet and slick, but very little mud. Headed out to TH by 6:30 and … Read More