Birds, snow and flowers between April showers

I thought about hiking Spencer Butte, or maybe even something further away – but the weather report prompted an urban hike from the front door. Snow fell again on the foothills and above to the cascade passes.

Birds were on full display even though it was cold and threatening rain early. At one point, 3 crows chased away an Osprey – probably one of the two nesting pairs around the football stadium.

Two great blue herons were either dancing their courtship dance or protecting territory (they even made noises!); another great blue heron caught lunch.

Two turkey toms displaying for 1 female.

Ducks and geese a-plenty and the little ones are showing up!

Finally, my first rhody this season hiding around a campus building’s corner.

For the urban hike, I left just as it was light – no headlamp required, covered 17.5 miles and was back home for brunch around noon. Not one raindrop and several unique observations … a good hike.

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