Druid-fog, mushrooms and October flowers

Walking around town the last few days and a quick Spencer Butte ramble in a thick druid-fog, my camera found interesting autumn flowers, mushrooms and an inability to photo through the fog.


After some rain and a bit of warm weather, mushrooms popped everywhere – even in our yard, front and back.

October flowers

Late season flowers are amazing. How do they either bloom now, or keep blooming this long is a mystery to me. Beautiful, nonetheless!

Spencer Butte Ramble

This was the first hike since my illness 10-10, and my conditioning was a tad off, to say the least. The second time up the Butte, I was tired. A new feeling for me under 10 miles. The hike went from Fox Hollow th to top, down to N. Willamette th and back to top and finally to Fox Hollow th. Trail conditions were perfect – wet, but not muddy so a bit cushiony. The first time up very few humans, but the second was like a busy sidewalk. Fog was thick like a druid-fog.

The route / data

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  • Had seen the photos on my phone, nothing like the computer and full screen! Have any idea where you were for the Stone Lake sunrise picture? The swan and flowers reflecting in the water are frame worthy!

    • the stone lake sunrise is from your side of lake – just around the corner where the houses are x-street from the lake. The farm sunrise is from the road up from the public boat launch toward SR 120.

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