Overpopulated Spencer Butte

With a ~24 hour break between recent NWP Atmospheric Rivers (NOAA), time to strap on trekking poles and get a Spencer Butte fast hike before the next river. Too many people had the same idea! Spencer Butte was overpopulated with humans and dogs – the most I’ve seen in recent memory.

The Route

Having an appointment early morning, the hike started around 10:30 from Spring Blvd TH and to Spencer Top, then down toward N. Willamette TH to right before the final drop down; turned around, went back to Spencer Top, then back to Spring Blvd.

Trail conditions were perfect after the rains – soft, but not muddy.

Weather watching

The first time at top, fog and clouds were just starting to break apart, floating upward to dissolve.

During the second top, blue sky finally …

Thriving in winter rains

Moss is amazing; lichens equally so …

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