Foggy Pre’s Trail and territorial geese

No rain in the weather, but heavy fog on a colder February morning … time for a quick jaunt around Pre’s Trail and Willamette River trail – right from my front door.

This is how high the Willamette River is flowing as well as how dense the fog. The island under the car bridge was completely submerged – not a typical state.

Even with the fog, recent rains, and last month’s ice, spring is still right around the corner

Least one forgets the icy damage last month, many leftovers like this tree around the abandoned opsrey nest remain.

Along the Mill Race, red wing blackbirds were perched high and all singing as loudly as possible – spring territories were getting marked. Other birds were out scavanging a meal – there was even a duck scooping up worms from the trail. Other birds were more graceful, showing off their plume rather than song.

The oddest event was also at the Mill Race where it broadens out into a pond. Geese were being uncharacteristically loud – even for geese. As I rounded the corner, there were two geese going at each other over something like bragging rights in the pond. The sequence lasted minutes and was probably exhausting … almost a dance. (slide show below)

When they collided chest to chest, I could hear the ‘thump!’ One eventually gave up was thoroughly chased from the pond

Amazing what one finds rambling around; sometimes all right from my front door.

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