Stone Lake early April

Sometimes I just gotta get away and chill. There’s hardly a better place than a no-wake lake in the midwest with water so clean it’s almost drinkable. Upon arrival, the weather was cold, windy, rainy … sound familiar? But that weather created an amazing sunrise.

After the rain left, warmer air arrived and one day before the eclipse … a sliver of moon rose over the lake.

Sunrises over the lake were fabulous for several days.

From around the lake, farms provide a different framing for sunrise.

With the warmer weather, the animals all came out. Deer were plentiful around the farms and the birds amazing. Sightings included an immature bald eagle, red-tailed hawks, a sharp-shinned hawk, an osprey fishing with a catch, and a group of immature osprey migrating. But, the loons and the swans grabbed everybody’s attention. Every morning, the loon was calling out to partner and on some mornings a chorus of loon calls.

Carefully watching a swan swim and eat from the lake’s bottom is a treat.

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