Quick up Spencer Butte

A time boxed quick, fast hike from Spring Blvd to Spencer Butte top and back. After watching the weather and a quick breakfast, started off around 8:30. Trail conditions were muddier than last hike, but mostly around the recent construction after the ice storm.

The recent rainstorms, however, knocked down a couple of trees crippled from the ice storm.

Right after the TH, the sun poked through lighting up very green forest undergrowth.

Trilliums were busting out but hiding from the rain or just leaning over.

Tree flowers are just getting ready to release all of that Willamette Valley tree pollen … that then mixes with the grass seed pollen, and Willamette Valley allergy hell.

Arriving back at home, the first tulip … Spring.

The Route

An almost straight out – back from Spring Blvd to the top of Spencer Butte. Quite a few people even in the rain.