Smith Rock Sunrise June 2023

On the way back westward from the Ochoco Mountain Day hikes, I stopped at Smith Rock for a sunrise hike. When I arrived at the park around 5:30 there were less than 10 cars in the entire parking lot. When … Read More

Hiking Newberry Caldera 3 days early June

Like last year’s attempt at backpacking Newberry Caldera (National Volcanic Monument), weather and especially snow were key factors – but, what should one expect hiking and camping BEFORE officially open? Most campgrounds were closed, no facilities to speak of, and … Read More

Hiking William Finley Wildlife Preserve

After Tuesday’s elevation workout, a calmer, tourist-like hike seemed right. Within 60 minutes drive, William Finley National Wildlife Preserve offered opportunities for ~15 mile leisure hike with birding potential. We visited William Finley several years ago later in the summer, … Read More

Spencer Butte elevation workout

After hiking over 75 miles last week mostly along rivers, my legs, feet and heart needed some serious elevation work. The weather was clear getting warmer (like 70 later in day), and sunrise was before 06:00. A large carbon karma … Read More

Hiking Deschutes River Canyon

This hike was originally planned as a 2-night backpacking trip on the same route. However, after spending a day on the John Day River (Cottonwood Canyon) and the up-coming weather prediction, a day hike out and back seemed the better … Read More

Hiking Smith Rock and Grey Butte

Smith Rock State Park proved to be for the third year a great early hiking destination (last year). Bivouac camping is not my favorite – the worst of both car and pack camping, but it’s easy. Crossing the cascade pass … Read More