Ridgeline ramble in snow & ice

A Ridgeline ramble in snow & ice early March with few people, owls, snow-covered trails on Spencer Butte and a kestrel made for a near perfect 15+ mile day hike – one much different than the last Ridgeline ramble … with <30 minutes of carbon karma drive time.

The ramble route (recorded track)

Slippery snow kept me off Spencer summit trail more than 2x as the going was just too slow, even later in the day as the snow turned slushy. Started at Spring Blvd around 6:15 and then rambled around to Blanton and then back.

Snow and ice

Trail condition at the start was slippery! As temperatures warmed up traction improved, but sure glad I carry trekking poles.

This wooded section directly below the stone stairs was the most challenging to stay upright. Once on the stairs, the snow and ice were gone but the views cloudy and grey.

Snow even remained at the lower elevation meadow down by the S. Willamette trailhead.

Ridgeline’s reward

The best part of a Ridgeline ramble in the snow and ice is the chance to meet interesting neighbors. This little one focused so on the meadow below, my photos did not bother it at all. A kestrel, just like Kirby.

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